Solo Recital at the Historical Russian Empire Estate!

On March 11, 2017, Elena is singing a solo recital of her favorite art songs by Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov and Rachmaninoff at the historical museum Polotnyany Zavod in Kaluga, Russia. Established in 1718, this famous estate hosted Empress Catherine the Great and poet Alexander Pushkin. During the 1812 war against Napoleon,...

Artistic Projects in Russia

In 2017, Elena will be participating in several artistic projects in Russia, including a recording of a famous war song "Ah, les chemins..." for a new TV series.

From Russia with Love! Summer

Elena is conducting a series of vocal technique masterclasses for the sisters of the Seraphimo-Znamensky Skete Monastery in Bityagovo, Russia.

Elena’s funny experience on America’s Got Talent

Elena was invited to participate in America’s Got Talent as a “magical voice doctor". Her job was to fix Howard Stern’s voice, and turned him into an opera star (fancy that!). Well, it didn’t go that well… :-), but Elena remembers that failures are the lampposts on the road...

Elena is working on new and exciting stuff!

Elena is busy developing her new show which will be performed with several US orchestras! We can't give away any more details due to the copyrights concerns, but the show was already previewed in Moscow, Russia, and a local critic described it as “simply a fairy tale: a mixture of...

Elena's interview on Boston Public Radio!

Elena gave another interview on Boston Public Radio today, March 22, 2013. Elena lead a fascinating discussion surrounding voice, healthy singing and her life as a classical crossover singer and voice coach. She even shared a couple of voice tips with the audience, so be sure to check her...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Elena is traveling to New York City and then to her hometown of Moscow, Russia, to celebrate Christmas with her family. She wishes all of her friends and fans around the globe a very happy Holiday Season!

Elena on The Callie Crossley Show

On Thursday, April 19, Elena returned as a guest to a popular WGBH radio show, The Callie Crossley Show. Elena's interview, entitled by forever entertaining and inspiring Callie, "The Voice of a Red Sox Nation", was about the screaming Red Sox fans and Elena's role in a new Brad...

New Voice Research

Elena, in collaboration with Dr. Phillip Song of Harvard/Mass Eye and Ear, is working on a new professional voice research/literature review entitled "Stabilized larynx in classical singing: developing and maintaining the external frame support of the larynx. "

The research assistant for this project is Paul Yi, a doctoral candidate...

Elena and her FitVoice™ at the Rotary Club

On January 25, 2012, Elena has been invited to speak at the Rotary Club Boston. She will be presenting her signature FitVoice™ clinic designed to inform, educate, and inspire Americans to care and improve their speaking voices.

Russian Christmas!

Elena, being Russian, celebrates Christmas according to the Julian calendar on January 7. Elena will be attending Christmas services at the Russian also Orthodox Church of the Holy Epiphany in Roslindale, MA, and yes, she will be singing there of course!

Elena participated in fliming a new Brad Pitt movie, World War Z!

The movie is about zombies :-) but Elena, who was specifically chosen for the role by director Marc Forster (Finding Neverland, Quantum of Solace), played herself: Russian opera singer, singing a beautiful aria during a battle scene.

The filming took place in Budapest, Hungary, and, even though eventually all...

New Recording Is On Its Way!

Elena is heading to a recording studio at her alma mater, Berklee College of Music, to record two operatic arias and two Broadway songs; all four will be featured in her upcoming Moonlight Show.

The Moonlight Show

Elena is back from Russia, fresh and full of creative ideas, and she together with her team has been working full speed on the Moonlight Show!

Elena is a Visiting Artist at Berklee College of Music

In April of 2011 Elena Zoubareva made a personal appearance as a Visiting Artist in two exclusive clinics for Berklee students and faculty.

Elena and her FitVoice ™ team are continuing their hard work striving to inform the American public about vocal health and the correct usage of their speaking...

Elena on Good Morning America!

In March of 2011 Elena and her FitVoice™ were filmed by the Good Morning America.

We will report with an update when this story will be aired.

Elena on ABC News

Elena and her FitVoice™ were featured in an ABC News article entitled "Two-Thirds of Americans Live With Voice Disorders."

Elena points out the bad vocal habits among Americans.

Saving the Voice of America!

Elena had a series of meetings with Dr. Phillip Song and speech language pathologist Keiko Ishikawa of Harvard/Mass Eye and Ear. They discussed the speaking habits of American people and issues of poor vocal health.

Elena is continuing developing her FitVoice™ method and its practical applications reflecting these discussions.

Russian Christmas!

Elena celebrates Russian Christmas and wishes all of her friends and fans around the world joy, love and happiness.

She participated in Christmas services in Russian Orthodox Church of Holy Epiphany in Boston and sang there adding her beautiful voice to the festive and joyful atmosphere.

Saving the Voice of America: Special workshop for Berklee vocalists!

Elena is working on a new workshop for Berklee College of Music.

Saving the Voice of America: Special workshop for Berklee vocalists to introduce the importance of the correct use of their SPEAKING voices, featuring prominent laryngologist, Dr. Phillip Song, of Harvard/Mass Eye and Ear, and Berklee alum Elena...

Special Benefit Concert!

At the end of October Elena and her wonderful piano player, Amie Chen performed in the trendy South End of Boston, at a benefit concert presented by the Unison for the Arts.

Elena would like to thank the hosts, Karim Fadel and Mirela Marku, of The Unison for the...

WGBH interview

On Monday, August 16 Elena was a guest on the popular WGBH radio show, Callie Crossley Show.

They were talking about the three key “S" words: speaking, screaming and singing - in a healthy way. It was fun!

And Elena was even correcting Callie’s voice right in the air!...

April 16 World Voice Day!!!

World Voice Day 2010

The theme for World Voice Day 2010, "Love Your Voice," reminds people of the value and significance of vocal health in everyday life.

Every year on April 16, otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeons and other voice health professionals worldwide join together to recognize World Voice Day....

New Concert Program and Masterclass!

Elena will be singing a concert in New England Conservatory in May and she is trying to create a program that will be as beautiful as rose bouquet.

She is also creating a very unusual masterclass. You will read about it in newspapers soon.

Working on a new exciting concert program!

One of Elena's most dear friends, Maxim Kubrinsky, a noted Russian movie and theater director, has agreed to stage her new program! They began rehearsing while she was in Russia, and she will soon begin practicing the program with her musicians here in Boston. Finally, Maxim will come for...

Returning from Russia

Elena just returned from a fantastic trip to her homeland of Russia, where she had an absolute blast, spending time of course with her dear mother and family, but also visiting some of her favorite places, like the beautiful, majestic city of St. Petersburg.